Packaging for People and Products

What do consumers want most from packaging? Consumers desire functionality, ease of use and convenience. What are consumers most dissatisfied with regarding packaging? Consumers show frustration with poor functionality, ease of use, and convenience. Where is the disconnect? … Continue reading

Many Functions of Flexible Packaging for Liquids

Liquipak specializes in functional, safe, cost-effective flexible pouch packages for liquids and gels of many types. Besides keeping the substance secure while still ensuring it is easily accessible by the consumer, liquid packaging also overcomes a variety of other unique challenges. With the right packaging, many consumers never have to consider these obstacles, though Liquipak is always considering new challenges and solutions. … Continue reading

How Packaging Communicates Value

How Packaging Communicates Value

Packaging does more than keep the product inside safe. Packaging is also the first thing that consumers see before they buy a product. The way a package is designed, the way logos and colors are used, the way the package is used, and other factors all affect a customer’s interpretation of the product. The right packaging can make a product more valuable and desirable, or the opposite.
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