2021 Trends in Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is increasingly popular. Whether for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, automotive, or other industries, no other packaging option is seeing similar growth. According to the 2019 Flexible Packaging Marketing Assessment, flexible packaging is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.9% by 2023. Advantages to using flexible packaging include barrier properties, convenience, and sustainable materials, with a wide range of styles, shapes, and colors.

Trends in 2021

The flexible packaging market should continue to grow exponentially. There is great demand in end-use industries, such as personal care, cosmetic, after-market supplies, and pharmaceutical. This is due to growth in modern retailing, acceleration of e-commerce activities, and higher consumer demand for more convenient packages.

Demand for flexible packaging has been significantly higher in the pharmaceutical industries. This trend is expected to remain high because hospitals, as well as drug and PPE manufacturers are continuing to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Flexible packaging is a perfect solution to deliver household essentials, prescriptions, healthcare products, and other medical goods. The advantages of flexible packaging fit 2021 trends for:

Busier Lifestyles

More than ever, consumers are looking for convenience and that’s exactly what flexible packaging offers


With the pandemic causing many people to lose jobs or face reduced hours, the lower cost of flexible packaging is more appealing than traditional options.

Easier Storage

Flexible packaging takes up less shelf space, allowing for more cost effective transportation, warehousing, and consumer use.


Concerns regarding biodegradable plastics and their impact on the environment have fueled governments to keep pressure on manufacturing processes. Fewer resources are needed to create flexible packaging than other kinds of packaging. This advantage produces a positive environmental outcome with less waste and fewer greenhouse gases.


Flexible packaging offers retailers, wholesalers, and consumers greater shelf life resulting in less waste without sacrificing product efficacy.

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