Flexible Pouch Packaging Manufacturing Services

Flexible Pouch PackagingOver 65 Years of Flexible Pouch Packaging Experience

In business since 1955, Liquipak supplies flexible pouch packaging and manufacturing services to a long list of industries. Our in-depth packaging expertise combined with modern packet filling, flexible pouch packaging, and form-fill-seal equipment provide our customers with a reliable, superior quality, and cost-effective solution for their contract packaging needs. We operate an ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS facility and operate under EPA and FDA cGMP regulations.

Liquipak offers expertly designed single use, unit dose, foil and liquid pouches and packets in a variety of shapes and sizes, with features such as dispensing spouts, custom tear notches, perforations, embossed lot and expiration coding, coupons, and die cut shapes. Choices include tandem, triple, 4-sided seal, and 2-part, multiple product styles. Fill weights range from a fraction of a gram to several ounces for liquids, semi-liquids, creams and viscous products. Packaging films are compatibility-matched to package contents, while in-plant compression/burst testing ensures the integrity of every seal. We supply all required regulatory documentation and full lot traceability.

Our unique flexible pouch packaging solutions are strong, attractive, and reasonably priced. Liquipak keeps a supply of materials on hand, enabling us to react quickly to customer demands. From millions of units to small production runs, we have the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of requirements and can ship goods direct or by drop shipment in either parcels or on a pallet. We offer just-in-time deliveries and inventory management, as well as many ancillary services. For more information about our flexible pouch packaging and manufacturing services, contact Liquipak today.

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Flexible Pouch Packaging Manufacturing Specifications

Packaging Processes Packet Filling
Flexible Pouch Packaging
Form Fill Seal
Package Types Pouches
Single Use Packets
Unit Dose Packets
Unit of Use
Foil Packets
Foil Packaging
Liquid Packets
Options Dispensing Spouts
Custom Tear Notches
Die Cut Shapes
Custom Features
Embossed lot codes and expiration dating
Packaging Equipment Vertical Form Fill Seal
Container Styles Flexible Packaging
Tandem Packets
Triple Packets
4 Sided Seal Packets
2 Part Packets
Multiple Product Packets
Media Form Liquids
Viscous Products
Various Viscosities
Media Types Oils / Greases
Topical Drugs
Maximum Package Volume 1.0 g to 4.0 oz.
Testing Film and Product Compatibility Testing
Compression Testing
Inspection Complete Batch Records and Traceability
Final AQL Inspections
Inventory Control
Secondary Services Offered Tooling
Bar Coding
Shrink Wrapping
Component Sourcing
Production Volume 5,000 to 5,000,000 pieces

Additional Information

Industry Focus Pharmaceutical
Household Products
Industrial Lubricants
Automotive Grease
Personal Lubricants
Sporting Goods
Gun Oil & Lubricants
Fishing Reel Lubricants
Medical / Dental
Industry Standards/Certifications ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS
FDA Registered Drug Repackager
Medical Device Facility
EPA Registered