Form-Fill-Seal Packaging for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Cream Packaging Solutions

As an FDA registered drug repackager, Liquipak is qualified to work with a wide range of Pharmaceutical Industry clients. We designed the single use sample packets highlighted here as a pharmaceutical cream packaging solution to dispense an over the counter (OTC) topical cream. Following the customer’s specifications a package was developed which featured a side spout configuration and a child-resistant tear notch.

Packets were made from plastic and foil laminated packaging film were reverse printed with the print laminated between the layers of the film to protect it. Vertical form-fill-seal packaging equipment was equipped with dedicated product contact parts. Each packet weighed 1.5 g (± 0.5 g), and was 3″ in length, 1-3/8″ width, and produced in a quantity of over 385,000. Packets required custom packaging: filled packets were individually attached to a printed sample card and then packed into dispenser cartons, and included lot-coding and expiration dating. Quality was assured through digital test stand compression testing, digital gram-scale weigh testing, component and batch traceability, labeling, product accountability, and AQL final inspection.

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Highlights of this Form-Fill-Seal Packaging of an OTC Cream for the Pharmaceutical Industry Project

Product Description This is a single-use sample packet of OTC topical cream.
Form-Fill-Seal Packaging Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:

  • Product Development/Design
  • Tooling Design
    • Tear Notch, Lot-coding and
      expiration dating.

Production – Form-Fill-Seal of Product

Reverse Printing
Custom Packaging
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Vertical form-fill-seal packaging equipment, dedicated product contact parts
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 3″
Width: 1-3/8″
Weight: 1.5 grams
Tightest Tolerances ± 0.5 grams
Material Used Package: Plastic and Foil Laminated Packaging Film
Material Finish Package: Reverse Printed
Resistances The print is laminated between the layers of the packaging film and cannot be removed by abrasion or contact with the detergent or other chemicals or liquids.
Special Feature Packets feature a side spout configuration with a child-resistant tear notch.The filled packets are individually attached to a printed sample card and packed into dispenser cartons
In process testing/inspection performed Digital test stand compression testing
Digital gram-scale weigh testing
Component and batch traceability
Labeling and product accountability
AQL final inspection
Industry for Use Pharmaceutical Industry
Volume 385,000 +
Delivery/Turnaround Time 8 weeks
Delivery Location Alma, Michigan
Standards Met FDA registered Drug Repackager
Customer’s packaging specifications
ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS
Internal quality system requirements
Product Name OTC Cream

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