Factors to Consider When Packaging a Product

If you have been looking at your product designs and aren’t seeing much to excite you, now is the time to consider the importance of product packaging and what it means to the success of your product. The primary job of any product packaging is to protect the product inside. However, just as important is the connection your packaging makes with consumers. The following are three essential factors in product flexible packaging. … Continue reading

Flexible Packaging & Recycling

Flexible packaging is extremely popular in all industries for many diverse products, but there is a debate over its recyclability. If you are familiar with flexible packaging, you probably know it’s been traditionally challenging to recycle. The main reason is flexible packaging’s multilayer plastic structures are difficult to separate at a recycling facility. However, because it requires less material than other packaging to do the same job, it typically sends less materials to landfills than other types of packaging. The good news is there are programs in place to recycle those flexible packaging items you’ve used in your home or business. … Continue reading

What are the Essential Flexible Packaging Materials?

Think about all of the goods you buy, such as cosmetics, drug and pharmaceutical items, medical supplies, automotive products, personal hobby products, and more. Nearly everything comes in its own customized packaging, often flexible. Flexible packaging solutions have made a massive impact on all of those industries.

Stand-up pouches, flexible films, and foil packaging are among the most important flexible packaging materials. Here we will examine why to use flexible packaging and its benefits. … Continue reading

2021 Trends in Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is increasingly popular. Whether for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, automotive, or other industries, no other packaging option is seeing similar growth. According to the 2019 Flexible Packaging Marketing Assessment, flexible packaging is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.9% by 2023. Advantages to using flexible packaging include barrier properties, convenience, and sustainable materials, with a wide range of styles, shapes, and colors.

… Continue reading

What is Kitting and Assembly?

Online order fulfillment has transformed the world of manufacturing. For manufacturers in the cosmetics, dental, first aid, pharmaceutical, CBD, or automotive aftermarket industries, we know how important it is to keep looking for the most innovative and cost effective kitting and assembly products. The process of kitting and assembly is the placing of products into a kit. That kit is then delivered to the production operation for assembly. It is essential to work with a supplier that can meet your specifications.

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