Factors to Consider When Packaging a Product

If you have been looking at your product designs and aren’t seeing much to excite you, now is the time to consider the importance of product packaging and what it means to the success of your product. The primary job of any product packaging is to protect the product inside. However, just as important is the connection your packaging makes with consumers. The following are three essential factors in product flexible packaging.


#1 – Packaging Needs to Be Eye-Catching

More than likely, your product will be sitting with other products on store shelves. The question is how to distinguish it from its competition? Consumers are hardwired to respond to visual clues. Studies in packaging design have explored how product packaging attracts buyers. One study found that attractive packaging triggers the impulse buying center of a brain. The consumer may not have come into the store to buy the product, but an eye-catching package can persuade some people pick it up to try it out. When packaging is captivating and attractive, it stimulates involuntary impulsiveness, making it easier to achieve a sale.

#2 – Connect Your Brand Message with Consumers

Consumers identifying with your brand is critical to a sale and flexible packaging can be a major contributor to that connection. However, it’s not enough to have high-quality packaging. Your packaging needs to really connect with your target consumers. Your brand and product packaging should work in harmony. You are telling consumers you understand their needs and have the right products for them. You can do this through packaging attributes, such as color, tone, typography, and consistency in all of your product packaging.

Packaging reassures consumers that their product fulfills a need for them and speaks a language they understand subconsciously. If the packaging can make the consumer feel that the product was designed for them, it will almost sell itself.

#3 – Packaging Must Be Clear and Concise

People make decisions in an instant. Whether they are visiting a website or choosing a product on a store shelf, your product packaging must encourage them to pick up your product over others. Even with a minimalist flexible packaging design, your message speaks volumes to the consumer when it is clear and concise.

Your brand must stand out to convey your brand and all it stands for. At Liquipak, we have been providing flexible packaging options since 1955. We’ve seen many packaging ideas both come and go, and we are at the top of our game when it comes to serving many markets – everything from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to household products and industrial lubricants. Our services provide you with the packaging solutions you need right now. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you and your business when it comes to the right product packaging for you.