Are You Suffering From Outdated Packaging?

Often, manufacturers continue to do “what they have always done” without exploring other and potentially more beneficial options. If you haven’t thought about flexible packaging for your products, consider these features.

Flexible Packaging Is Lightweight

The lightweight nature of flexible packaging offers many benefits. First, it uses fewer resources in production for lower costs and a potentially reduced carbon footprint. Transportation costs are reduced because of the lower weight in comparison to other packaging material. Flexible packages are often easier to inventory because they take up less space.


Flexible Packaging Is User-friendly

Flexible packages and pouches are more convenient for an end-user. They are less bulky, lighter, and easier to open. These features, and more, will help to make your products more appealing to consumers.


Flexible Packaging is Protection

Most flexible packaging materials are useful in safeguarding contents from the damage due to the environment, transportation, and harsh handling.


Flexible Packaging is Creative

Flexible packages deliver nearly endless design options. From graphics to shape to size, you can customize your package to fit your brand and attract customers.


Flexible Packaging is Efficient

The production of flexible packaging requires up to approximately 85% less energy than other similarly produced packaging materials. This fact makes flexible packages and pouches a cost-effective and environmentally-responsible choice.


Liquipak provides flexible packaging solutions to meet the exact needs of many industries. These markets include detergent, pharmaceutical, dental, cosmetics, first aid, and automotive aftermarket flexible packaging. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help your business produce a flexible package that will meet your exact requirements.