Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions we receive on a regular basis.

What types of products does Liquipak package?
We specialize in the packaging of liquids, semi-liquids, greases, oils, creams, gels, personal cosmetics, lubricants, sterilization products and more.

Does Liquipak have quantity minimums?
No, we do not have any set minimum limits in place. There are typically set up costs associated with running a new order. Costs also depend on the product and packaging required. Keep in mind that producing limited amounts of packaged product isn’t very cost effective. Costs per package tend to go down as order quantities go up.

Can you package OTC (over the counter) medical or dental device products?
Yes. Liquipak is an FDA registered facility, is ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS, and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant.

What is the average lead time for a production run?
Getting your product into our production schedule is never an issue. Lead times on our flexible packaging and kit assembly services vary depending on the quantity ordered and testing required. Don’t forget to allow time for artwork approval, material transport, product sample runs, and an offsite product testing period to ensure material compatibility. These key details can add several weeks to the process before we begin our production run.

Can you package my product?
This is one of those frequently asked questions that doesn’t always have a simple “yes” or “no” answer. Luckily we offer a wide range of packaging options to meet your needs. More often than not, it boils down to us simply testing a sample of your product firsthand to ensure that we (and our packaging machinary) can work with it.

What kind of packaging does Liquipak offer?
We manufacture vertical form-fill-seal pouching, kitting and compliance packaging to various industries, like: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals (OTC), personal care, medical, dental, household, sporting goods, automotive and industrial markets. Flexible foil packaging styles range from single use, unit dose, professional, retail, sample packets and more. Kitting includes retail sales, sampling, bundles, multi-unit dispensers, unit cartons, display units, point-of-purchase, bags (zippered or heat sealed) and more.

Can you assemble and pack my product?
We offer a wide range of kitting and assembly options to meet your needs. When 100% automation isn’t a realistic or affordable option, our dedicated staff can offer low cost hand assembly and packing solutions.

What is flexible packaging?
Flexible packaging refers to non-rigid material stuctures that can be formed, filled with a product and sealed to protect that product. Flexible packaging is just that – flexible. The shape of the package can be easily flexed, squeezed, twisted, bent and otherwise readily changed in overall shape. It is meant to withstand careful handling while protecting the integrity of the product it contains. Flexible packaging includes bags, pouches and tubes that are ideal for liquid and semi-liquid products.

Is Liquipak privately or publicly owned?
Liquipak is a privately owned company that has been providing packaging solutions since 1955.

How do I test my product for compatibility and stability?
We have long standing relationships with testing facilities that can provide all necessary testing.

Do you use standard operating procedures during your production process?
We have spent the last decade creating very detailed, industry specific SOP’s (standard operating procedures) that we apply to every work order that we receive for our flexible packaging and kit assembly services. Having thorough procedures in place takes the stress and guess work out of our production process.

Can you provide recommended package sizes for reference?
This is actually one of the questions that we are frequently asked! Yes, if you are unsure of correct package sizing for your product we can provide a recommendation based on material weight, volume, consistency, and any other factors in place.

What package printing options do you recommend?
We offer several printing options for our flexible packaging and kit assembly services. Depending on the size of your production run request, a few printing options are available. The most popular styles are reverse printing and surface printing. Reverse printing is a process of printing on the back side of a layer of film, which protects your artwork from scuffing, provides chemical resistance and is a cost effective method for large runs where film can be ordered in larger quantities. When less film is needed for a project, surface printing is a safe choice as it doesn’t carry the burden of investing in more rolls of film than necessary for a production run.

Where would Liquipak store my materials and products?
We store all raw materials and finished product here at our facility. Our warehouse is set up to handle most storage needs and we do have limited temperature controlled storage space on hand.