Petroleum Grease and Lubricant Packaging Solutions

With over 65 years of petroleum grease and lubricant packaging experience, Liquipak understands the challenges faced by the petroleum and grease lubricant industry. Based on that knowledge, we have developed the flexible packaging procedures and processes to be your valued partner by delivering:

Cost Efficient Petroleum Grease and Lubricant Packaging

Operating profitably can be a challenge. To help our customers in the petroleum and grease lubricant industry, we work to keep our costs low without sacrificing the quality by offering:

  • Turnkey operation combining flexible equipment, lubricant packaging, custom carton and kit assembly to save time and reduce handling, freight and labor costs
  • Single use, unit dose packets are far more cost effective than tubes, jars or cans because the lubricant is supplied in the exact amount for each application to reduce the amount of “give away” product
  • Specialized, non-union assembly team for carton packing and kit assembly at lower costs than in-house union assembly
  • Single use packets provide the “value added” opportunity for increased pricing and profitability
  • In-house capabilities to assist with all facets of project start up from concept through actual packet production to minimize initial project startup cost
  • Small initial quantities to assist with introducing new products to the market
  • Cost estimates to compare to your current supplier costs with no obligation
  • Prototype packets and sample runs, usually at no charge, to assure your requirements are met

Trusted Petroleum Grease and Lubricant Packaging Outsource Solutions

You need a contractor you can have confidence in. In addition to the years of experience in packaging petroleum and grease lubricating products, our other advantages include:

  • An ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS facility
  • Compatibility testing to confirm there is no adverse reaction between packaging film and product
  • Capability of working with a wide variety of lubricants and fill weights from a fraction of a gram to several ounces to meet your exact needs
  • Printing options include single or multiple color on one side or both sides of the packet
  • Design flexibility that offers a variety of packet configurations, sizes and pour spout options for you to evaluate
  • Relief from excessive in-house production schedules for sample or kit assembly
  • Packets can reduce inventory and we can provide inventory management to assure you have samples when you need them
  • Sample packets provide a much quicker turn-around cycle than printed tubes