New Businesses

Experienced in Flexible Packaging for New Businesses

With over 65 years of experience working with start-ups, we understand the challenges you face as a growing new business in finding cost effective packaging solutions without sacrificing quality. Our industry experience encompasses several areas of manufacturing, such as:

Topical Creams, Gels and LotionsCosmeticsDental Supply PackagingGermicidal Detergent and Sterilizer • Automotive Wash and Wax • Petroleum Grease and Lubricant

Packaging Solutions for New Businesses

To help our entreprenurial customers, we work to create new business packaging solutions that keep costs low while still meeting your requirements and any regulatory standards. Our cost-saving advantages include:

  •  In-house capabilities to assist with all facets of the project from concept through actual packet production to minimize initial project start-up cost
  •  Small initial quantities to assist with introducing new products to the market
  •  Low cost, specialized, non-union assembly team for carton packing and kit assembly to save you from having to hire additional employees
  •  Sample packets with exact doses and smaller fills to reduce the amount of “give away” product for potential customers to lower costs and create a quicker sample-to-purchase cycle
  •  Unit dose packets provide the exact doses lowering overall product costs
  •  Single-use, unit dose packets are far more cost-effective than tubes or vials and offer more packaged sales units for the same cost

Your Trusted Packaging Supplier

In addition to reducing costs, you need a flexible packaging contractor you can have confidence in. Liquipak has the expertise and credentials to help entrepreneurs in diverse industries by offering:

  •  An ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS facility
  •  An FDA registered Medical Device Packager, as well as an FDA registered drug establishment and drug re-packager
  •  An EPA registered pesticide repackager
  •  cGMP operations, IQ, OQ, PQ qualifications, as well as process validation and cleaning validation
  •  Complete batch records for traceability and accountability
  •  Film and product compatibility testing
  •  Inventory management to assure you have samples when you need them