How Packaging Communicates Value

How Packaging Communicates Value

Packaging does more than keep the product inside safe. Packaging is also the first thing that consumers see before they buy a product. The way a package is designed, the way logos and colors are used, the way the package is used, and other factors all affect a customer’s interpretation of the product. The right packaging can make a product more valuable and desirable, or the opposite.

Easy to Use

If a package is especially difficult to open, it may keep the product inside safe, but it will also frustrate the consumer. While they might purchase it once without realizing, they will be unlikely to purchase the product again. On the other hand, a package that makes a product easier to use or provides convenience will give the product a competitive advantage. A squeeze bottle, pour spouts on pouches, resealable zippers, and easy-open jars are examples of packages that add convenience to a product.


The design and construction of the package is as important to a modern design as the colors and logos selected. Since they have been used for decades without significant changes or improvements, solid packages like jars, cans, and squeeze bottles do not communicate modernity. Many consumers seeking new and innovative products gravitate towards flexible packages and foil pouch packages.


Store shelves are filled with jars, cans, and bottles. With rows of similar items all grouped together, it can be difficult for consumers to differentiate them. Innovative and unique packaging will make products stand out and catch consumers’ attention.


The right package should have enough visible space to display the logo and name of the company, while also communicating the brand identity of the company. Businesses establish their brand to create a connection with their customers, and products play an important role in this process.


Though a package should be easy to open, it should also keep a product secure. Packages should be resistant to breakages, abrasion, UV damage, and unintentional opening. The package should also keep the product fresh, prevent it from separating, or keep substances separate if the product requires it.

With the right packaging, your product can stand out on the shelf and stand above competitors. To learn more about the specific advantages of foil pouch packaging, see our previous blogs. Please contact us for more information on pouch packaging for your products.