How to Determine if Flexible Packaging is Right for Your Business

Equipment, technology, and human resources all play a part in a business’ daily operations and decisions on how to reduce costs. These factors should be considered if you are thinking about taking the step to flexible packaging for your product. The following are four fundamental questions to help you get started.

1) What is your package type?

Flexible packaging automation works best for standard products and processes. If yours can be unpredictable, automating the flexible packaging process can either be very expensive or impossible. As a packaging expert, Liquipak can lend our expertise to determine if your particular product is a fit for flexible packaging and if you would benefit from standardizing your formats.

2) How many packages do you require?

If your throughput needs are relatively low or inconsistent, flexible packaging automation may be overkill or costly for most contract packagers. Your rates will vary depending on your product, process and desired quantity. If your projected volume estimates are above normal, don’t worry, Liquipak can offer solutions to meet your quantity needs. If your needs drop below industry standard order minimums or you plan to place orders intermittently, semi-automatic or manual solutions may be the answer.

3) Would you benefit from reduced labor costs?

The answer to this question is usually, “yes.” But when you reduce labor and still need to produce, your packaging machine must pick up the slack, and more. At Liquipak, our team can help you manage your production and take the hassle out of your project. Our knowledgeable, flexible packaging experts have extensive experience in assisting customers to meet their packaging needs with efficient solutions.

4) Is your packaging process customized?

As in every industry, a custom project can increase costs. Our team specializes in custom flexible packaging projects with the knowledge to help your keep costs down. A custom system can greatly reduce manual labor while providing a unique product to showcase on store shelves.

For customized solutions to meet your needs, please contact Liquipak Corporation to discuss all the flexible packaging options we can provide.