Many Functions of Flexible Packaging for Liquids

Liquipak specializes in functional, safe, cost-effective flexible pouch packages for liquids and gels of many types. Besides keeping the substance secure while still ensuring it is easily accessible by the consumer, liquid packaging also overcomes a variety of other unique challenges. With the right packaging, many consumers never have to consider these obstacles, though Liquipak is always considering new challenges and solutions.

Single-use convenience

With many liquids, like industrial lubricants and adhesives, require only a few grams to get the job done, and a large container would be simply too much. A single-use packet, accessible with a small tear-open edge, reduces waste and expenses and makes each item more versatile and cost-effective. Single-use packets can be shipped with service kits, bought and sold individually in stores, or ordered for specific sanitary purposes in medical offices and hospitals.


Some liquids are only usable when mixed with other liquids, or they are more convenient when combined with other liquids, but they must remain separate during shipping. Dental adhesive, some cleaning solutions, and other liquids must be separated, but easily mixable when they are used. Liquipak designs single-use, double pouch packets in a side-by-side configuration which allows both substances to be shipped and used together.

Exact amounts

Some medications, adhesives, cleaning solutions and other substances can be harmful if they are used in excess. The fumes from the substances may be harmful, or excess chemicals can contaminate other products. By packaging the exact amount of the substance required, Liquipak makes each substance easy to use correctly. The amounts in each package are carefully measured and placed in the tamper-proof package to provide the exact right amount.


The packages are made with layered foil packaging films to provide a secure container resistant against abrasion or contact with cleaners or detergents. The packets are designed to prevent substances from wearing through the foil, prolonging their shelf life. With durable packaging, the items can be shipped long distances efficiently and with minimal loss.

Liquipak makes four-sided-seal packages for many types of substances and overcomes many packaging challenges. With many different processes, advanced design capabilities and an expert staff, Liquipak designs and manufacturers packages for lubricants, detergents, cosmetic gels, dental adhesives, and more.