Packaging for People and Products

What do consumers want most from packaging? Consumers desire functionality, ease of use and convenience. What are consumers most dissatisfied with regarding packaging? Consumers show frustration with poor functionality, ease of use, and convenience. Where is the disconnect?

Often packaging research for consumers is not the top priority when project timelines and budgets are constructed. What can be realized from considering consumer insights are useful marketing ideas, what consumers like and don’t like, how to prevent significant product development issues, and innovative design concepts for product packaging.

After all, the right packaging can enhance brand image and increase consumer consumption. The package should both represent the brand well and protect the product. Packaging that makes the product quick to find and easy to identify makes it easy for consumers to spot it among its competition. And keep in mind, the competition continues after the product arrives in the consumer’s home. A package that fits nicely onto a shelf should stand out next to the other packages on that same shelf. A package should keep its focus on the solution that the product is providing to its consumers.

At Liquipak, we specialize in manufacturing packages of liquid and semi-liquid products along with offering kitting and assembly capabilities. From packaging a single-use lubricant to creating a kit of multiple lab supplies, Liquipak can help you give your product a professional presentation. We can package your product on our high-quality equipment, or when our machines are not the answer, our dedicated staff offers hand-assembly solutions. Learn more by exploring our website and request a quote for your next project.