Types of Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is any package that can easily change its shape. It includes soft structured packages such as pouches, bags, tubes, shrink films, sleeves, and carded packaging. Flexible packaging offers a wide range of armoring properties and curtails costs. The following are types of common flexible packaging:


Pouches are the most preferred type of flexible packaging in the market because of its versatile properties. They are high in demand because of their brilliant, high-quality printing, ease of use, and option of resealability. In addition, pouches can display easily on shelves, are convenient to carry, quick to pack, offer airtight closure, are completely customizable, and offers excellent visibility capabilities. Furthermore, pouches provide more than one layer of protection to meet the requirement of any product. These layers act as a protective shield for the product, saving it from damage or exposure to external air, preserving its life. However, the drawback of having multiple layers is that they are harder to recycle.


Flexible Films

Flexible films come in various forms and vary in their manufacturing components. Flexible films have gained popularity amongst many industries for their flexibility and efficiency in acting as a guard for products. These are occasionally utilized in blister, bagging, and clamshell packaging. Often flexible films are used as a protective layer on food trays. Apart from this, flexible films are used in cosmetics as protective barrier against external damage. Pharmaceutical companies use them for increasing the shelf life of medicines.



Foil is another type of flexible packaging. It is most commonly used in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry as it keeps the product fresh and safe against air, light, moisture, and bacteria.


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