Why Flexible Packaging is Growing

We have seen a significant surge in the growth of flexible packaging. More and more industries are switching from traditional package materials to flexible packaging. In fact, a 2018 report finds that 83 percent of brands are using some type of flexible packaging for their products. You may be wondering what is driving this growth – Let’s look at four of the key reasons.


As the name implies, flexible packaging is “flexible,” making it available in all shapes and sizes. From flat pouches and stand-up pouches to bar wraps and stick packs, there’s a wide range of packaging types. Manufacturers have the option to pick the most suitable for their product. The decision could be based on the active ingredient of the product and any special construction requirements. Additionally, flexible packaging offers a variety of finishes, such as matte, glossy, soft-to-touch, or a combination. The wide range of features that flexible packages offer ensures that the final product meets all requirements.


Flexible packaging is innovative because it gives manufacturers the freedom to customize the final package. With current technology, each product can present a unique brand or meet a specific purpose. Whether you’re looking for a package for a test market sample, seasonal promotion, or protection for a specialized product, the most creative answer lies with flexible packaging.


Today’s customers are looking for convenience in the products they choose. Flexible packaging offers choices such as easier storage, less cost in shipping, and resealability.


Contrary to traditional packages, flexible packaging can be exceptionally eco-friendly. It can reduce waste, energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions while extending shelf life.


Liquipak has provided flexible packaging solutions for many industries, including detergent, pharmaceutical, dental, cosmetics, first aid, and automotive aftermarket flexible packaging. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help your business produce a flexible package that will meet your exact requirements.