Why You Should Choose Flexible Packaging

When talking about the packaging of institutional and consumer products, flexible packaging is a top choice for many industries. Its flexibility is what makes it such a commonly chosen packaging type. Packing products with flexible packaging protects it them from damage and ensures easy transportation.


There are numerous benefits to using flexible packaging. Other features are include its superb printability and ease of use due to lightweight, barrier protection, and resealability. Here are some facts about flexible packaging you may not know.


When comparing flexible packaging to other conventional types, it requires less energy to manufacture and generates a very small amount of greenhouse gases. Moreover, flexible packaging increases shelflife, which indirectly reduces waste. Short shelflife means more product waste and higher demand for packaged goods. The longer a product lasts, the lower the amount of waste. When evaluating the wide range of factors, it becomes clear that flexible packaging is an excellent choice for the environment.

A Consumer Favorite

One of the top priorities of manufacturers is customer satisfaction. A study was carried out in 2015 by the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), proving that flexible packets are one of the favorite packaging types for consumers. Consumers today need a packaging type that makes the product easy to store, resealable, and easy to open. These are the three benefits that flexible packaging offers.


As a manufacturer, you need to provide products that are in alignment with consumer demands. Quite simply, flexible packaging is what the consumers want. Flexible packaging helps you ensure consumer satisfaction. In addition to this reason, it also enhances sustainability, and increases delivery efficiency to reduce transportation costs.


Choosing a flexible packaging supplier to meet your requirements is critical to your success. Liquipak has worked with manufacturers in many industries including detergent, pharmaceutical, dental, cosmetics, first aid, CBD, and automotive aftermarket flexible packaging. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help your business produce a flexible package that will help your product stand out from the competition.