The Evolution of Cosmetics Packaging

Have you ever wondered when cosmetic packaging began to be utilized? Cosmetic containers, cosmetic boxes, and cosmetic vessels are all found in historical records as artifacts and reliefs in some cultures. These items are referenced in historical or archaeological literature in specific styles, shapes, and motifs.

Pyxis, a “cosmetic vessel” in Ancient Greece, was referenced as early as fourth century B.C. In Ancient Egypt, artifacts inscribed kohl tubes, “kohl” (ancient eye cosmetic) vessels and kohl spoons were created in stylized shapes relevant to Egyptian ideology and represented in specific hieroglyphics.

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Manufacturers Discover the Benefits Flexible Packaging

To stay on the leading edge of technology and offer the best packaging solutions to customers, manufacturers need to watch trends in other industries.  An October 2017 survey, published in Packaging Trends by the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI), found that 22% of respondents from the meat, poultry and seafood segment are currently using flexible packaging for all products.  Additionally, 62% reported that they plan to shift to more flexible packaging. PMMI concluded this trend is related to the benefits of flexible packaging – longer shelf life, convenience, sustainability, and innovation. … Continue reading

Packaging for People and Products

What do consumers want most from packaging? Consumers desire functionality, ease of use and convenience. What are consumers most dissatisfied with regarding packaging? Consumers show frustration with poor functionality, ease of use, and convenience. Where is the disconnect? … Continue reading